Firmware Update failed

I got the firmware update automaticly pushed though last night, but woke up to see it saying the firmware update failed with a flashing red light, I tried to reset and manually update, but it still tells me the the manual update failed. any ideas?

Can you still access dashboard? Try a system restore then update


When i try to access dashboard it says that it is in safe mode and requires the firmware to be manually updated, but when i manually update it it will fail.

Says the firmware was corrupted. How would i be able to resolve this?

Hi All,


I have not been active on this forum for a while but now I would like to post this.


After I received a replacement unit (4TB) from WD a couple of months ago with firmware version 03.03.02-165 in it. I decided to not upgrade the firmware, reason was that the My cloud was working almost as it should. I still had errors during the contend scan, creating users etc… However I could access my My cloud via wd2go, Wi-Fi and 3G-4G and sometimes with H+ with my Android phone.


Today (after reading the form) I clicked on the upgrade button to get the heartbleed bug protection that was not available in FW 03.03.02-165. Result was a seamless update to FW4. Within 30 minutes and my My cloud works as per before the FW upgrade however now with all the fixes WD have put in.


The my cloud seems slow, I think caused by the DLNA Media Server scan that was initiated after the upgrade. The CPU and the Red HDD in the My cloud are working on max. capacity. I assume that this the reason for the slow response of the My cloud.  Last time it took several days to finish the scan so I’ll wait for that.


So a FW upgrade does not have to fail.



Try holding in the reset button for 30 seconds, pull the power while holding the reset for another 30 seconds, plug in power while holding reset for 30 seconds.  This should restore the firmware back to factory