Firmware Update Failed on My Cloud EX4

After what I assume was an automatic update as I did not initiate it, I keep getting the “Firmware Update Failed” message on the drive LCD.

As the drive won’t boot, I obviously don’t have access to the dashboard. I tried accessing the drive from a browser using its IP address and got a message saying “Your device firmware appears to be corrupted and your device is currently running in Safe Mode. Please download the latest firmware from the WD Support website and upload the firmware file below:”.

As instructed I downloaded the latest Firmware version and tried uploading it by selecting the file and clicking on the “Apply” button. However, the file upload fails or just never starts.

Help is appreciated. I really need to access the info on my drive.

I managed to upload the file finally. However, the update still fails. Any ideas on what I can do?

Have you solved the problem?I had the same problem…

use chrome

No, still have the same problem.