Firmware update failed due to insufficient storage space

Got error then pressing “Check for update” Firmware update failed due to insufficient storage space. now fw: 5.14.105, how to fix?

Hi @xrt, This issue can be caused :

  • Incorrect firmware being used for the device model
  • Incompatible OS3 firmware being used
  • Internal hard drive failure or drive sector errors
  • Drive #1 in JBOD mode missing or failed
  • Drive #1 is 100% filled to capacity
  • Volume_1 is not located on /dev/HD/hda_2
  • Volume_1 is not mounted, missing or not present
  • Network or Connectivity Issue

For more information, please refer to this link: My Cloud OS 5: My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Update Failed Message

Thank you Neha.

How can we verify how much each single drive is filled up, and/or how we could change that, if that would be the issue?

Trying to find the cause of my connection problems and going through your issue list one by one.

Thank you!