Firmware update bricked My Cloud 8TB

We have an My Cloud 8TB NAS. Unfortunately we update firmware of My Cloud and it can not open again. I read all the topic like unbrick and recovery title. We remove disk from drive and copy all data. But we didn’t recover My cloud even follow all steps for unbrick process.

Unbrick process stuck with “sync” several hours. How can we recover disk? We don’t worry about data because all data copied.


Which generation (1st or 2nd) single bay/single drive My Cloud do you have? The unbrick process is not the same for both.

Which unbrick process did you follow?

If you have a second generation (v2.x firmware) single bay My Cloud then the following post may help which has two methods of possibly unbricking a second gen single bay My Cloud.

Thanks for return. My Cloud single bay/single drive. PN number is ending with -10. I think it is 2nd generation. We can try the first method of you described. But we skip 5. Format HDD step. We stuck “umount” command. Then pass to “sync” command. But stuck too…

I made all steps including Format. After reboot Mycloud can not start. First blue light flashing than turn red light. What can we do for this?

If the first method of unbricking doesn’t work then try the alternate method that is detailed. It seems many are having a problem with the unmount command in the first set of unbrick directions (using the USB flash drive). The alternate method involves removing the My Cloud hard drive from it’s enclosure and attaching it to a computer that is booted with a Linux boot disc/USB flash drive.

Yes, the second gen P/N ends with -10.