Firmware update and Firmware load from scratch

Dear Community, dear support team,

Please let me know how to handle with a manual firmware upgrade. It is said that one should contact the support.

Is really the firmware not available for download ? The WD M.B. World Edition is in my infra not allowed to access to internet directly.

Another question is how to install a fresh OS ? Is it pre-installed into the HD or is there a possibility to boot on a device such the usb key ?

Thanks for help.

I have a MyBook World Edition (blue ring lights) and am also having difficulty upgrading the firmware…  I found the download of the “WD-World-NAS-v02.00.18-GPL.tar.bz2” file and even managed to un-bz2 it to retrieve the tar file itself, but cannot figure out how to apply the upgraded firmware to the drive.  Thanks in advance!  -Robert

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Was the solution a firmware download?  Removed by WD because for some reason they do not want to release the firmware for a simple manual upgrade?  I have been trying to upgrade mine with absolutely no help from WD tech support.  This is absolutely the only device that I own that has issues with my network and the upgrade.  Would be nice if WD would simply provide the firmware for manual download since the unit has that as an option.  If nothing is resolved this monday (when level 2 tech support gets my issue after a month of back and forth) I will find a way to let future WD customers know about the support they will not get.  No solutions even in the forum here.  What is the big secret to getting this firmware???

This same thing happened with Dell and my company (owner and original network admin).  Now we buy HPs and Toshiba laptops.

They removed the post for some kind of reason I don’t really understand.

There is a wiki about the MBWE nas.

There you shall find more information.

Unfortunately they have not called or emailed me.  Sounds like they are brushing me off.  I would like to keep the unit in warranty (not sure why if they will not help me here) so want to keep from using other “hacked” firmware.  I’m at a loss, in this economy I would think someone would bend over backward to help a customer.  Especially someone who has buying power for multiple units over each month.


After admin request, please find herewith the link to wikidiot.

Before doing anything, be informed that this is hack and community experiences.

Therefors, find informations there but use it carefully.


I will be throwing this [text deleted]  out of the window after upgrading to 1.01.14 it no longer saves files without corrupting them and creating TMP files, consequently i can not delete the files since it keeps throwing up a “cannot delete file: access denied”.

YES permissions are set correctly, even after restoring the drive to default, recreating the folders and user permissions for Domain.

However, you can still connect through ssh and delete files from the inside of the box.