Firmware update affecting Function of Wireless Keyboard on Mac

I just upgraded my firmware for my WD White Light external harddrive due to previous incompatibility issues with my Lion OSX upgrade yesterday.  This morning and this evening I found my wireless keyboard suddenly typing weird characters prohibiting me from logging into my username correctly or type an e-mail with letters.  The letters on the keyboard come up as incomprehensive gibberish.  I think this might be due to the firware update somehow.  It doesn’t make sense to me as to how but I have had no computer updates for any program on my system except the WD firmware update.  Additionally, I have checked the keyboard settings just in case there was a language change that I might have accidentally made but all settings were normal for English.

Prior to today my bluetooth wireless keyboard has been working fine with no issues.  The only happens after waking up the computer after it has gone to sleep.  A restart is required to normalize the keyboard’s function.  Any gurus out there who have an idea if this is possible??

Thanks in advance!



Could be possible, to try it out then use a regular keyboard or try to access the login page from a smartphone.