Firmware Update 8.12 - still not local

Hi there,

I have UPnP on my router, see the ports being forwarded from My Cloud Home in the router settings, but when I login the web or app, it still says it’s relay rather than local.

I thought the update had enabled that?

When I go into settings on there and try to manage the device, it says its not local, and its true in the status settings it’s indeed confirmed as relay rather than the preferred local…

Go to the router and find the ip address for the MCH, alternatively run a free ip scanner and find the MCH ip. If the MCH can be seen, it has to be on the LAN. Type in the ip address in a browser and log in, it will eventually show local access in the new Dashboard which is the landing page of the MCH ip address for new 8.12.0-178 firmware.


Thank you @NoPlex !

How do I access it locally then hence forth, once I have set up the local network access on this landing page i.e. in PC software and Windows Explorer?

And how do I make it take effect in my Plex Server?

Does “local network access” allow you to open your data from SMB? Does it give you access to your “account data” or to the old “public folder”? Thanks

go to explorer, network(i don’t know it is red on spanish)

You will see my cloud home device, click and then will be a folder with the exact name that you put it

Tete is my local user name

How do I access the new dashboard mentioned here then in this FAQ:

  • Access to the Dashboard is not supported or possible if the Web or Mobile app connection status is not “local”.

It says I need to have local access, but I cannot access the new dashboard without being on the local LAN, which I am, but the connection refuses to be local, just says Relay, despite have UPnP showing and being used by my cloud home…!!!

I have done what NoPlex suggested, and enabled local access, but it still is not local it says Relay!!!???

restart the router and my cloud home

Sometimes it fails

I have the same problem with my Cloud 2TB since the SW 8.12.0 Update. Already restarted router (Fritzbox 7530, UPnP on) and my cloud home. No success. The necessary steps going over local app and web app are a nightmare. Still in Relay mode. Is Reset > 60 sec to restart with factory settings a solution. Means that the whole content on the harddisk will be erased:-(

In “Tete” folder, do you see the same files you have on the app?

Yes, exactly the same

If I move the files on the web, it will also move locally but I will still be without permission to read/see

Thanks you. I didn’t get this “but I will still be without permission to read/see”. Can you explain please?

I mean, even if I move those files they will still without permissions

I was able to recopy some files and gain the permissions but others says I can not replace them because I don’t have permissions. So I am stuck with some files that I can’t do anything with them

Okay, thanks. So you have full permission using the web but when you use SMB you can just see files (can’t read or delete them) right? What about “public” folder? Same problem?

Yes you are right, even I can read/delete them using wd discovery

I have to check really well but at first glance I don’t have any problem on public folder

What’s happen when you try to open/delete a file from “Tete” via SMB?

Says Permission denied

I’ve a couple of questions. Does the disk stops when it’s not used or it spins all time? Does “local network access” works even if the nas isn’t connected to the internet?

Believe the Dashboard and ignore the MCH Web app about local access.WD Discovery is not needed for LAN SMB access to MCH once local network access is enabled but WDD is required for making files cloud accessible.

Yes, No, Yes

No, Yes, Yes

Consequence of the firmware update to 8.12.0-178. The existing legacy folders were not upgraded with the Windows owner permission so it is no longer writable, only mounted as READ ONLY by Windows.

The solution is to create new MCH folders using Windows explorer and copy legacy folders to new folder and be able to read write to the new folder. The other method is to use Linux such as Ubuntu to read and write and delete legacy folders.


I hope someone can help as I am having a problem with permissions.

Bascally went round in circles with the Local Access debacle but can now access through smb but when I try to copy a file or folder I get the message "Items can’t be copied to “Folder” because you don’t have permission to read them.

I also have a folder in the Public Folder to which I now have no access at all.

Where do I change the drive/folder permissions?

Using MacOS 13.0.1

I have found that I can solve if I download files from web app and copy to the same directory with local access

Will say that is copying but will not ask to replace any file