Firmware Update for My Book Studio 2Tb

I have the My Book Studio 2Tb, connected via firewire to my iMac.  My computer was asleep earlier today and it was storming out and I didn’t want a power outage to get to my hard drive.  So I just unplugged the power cable to the drive and a second later I said to myself “I probably should have properly ejected it…”.  So I used the Disk Utility and it found errors, then ejected it and checked my Elements 2Tb (USB) drive with the same contents (just a backup) and it was all fine.  So now I am in the process of formatting the My Book Studio drive and was thinking of putting the Firmware Update on it, but after reading so many stories about how it’s a bad idea and what not, I just don’t know if I should do it.  Any thoughts?

aaand I decided to check it once more before formatting it, and it says it appears to be ok now…  wow

If the drive is working fine no need to update the firmware