Firmware update 2.30.193

My 2nd Gen MyCloud notified me today about an available firmware update to version 2.30.193, dated 05/08/2018. The release note says only “Updates to enable compliance with EU privacy regulations.”, with no other details. Any ideas what the changes are?

We are mostly end users like yourself. I asked that exact same question to WD Staff when they posted the announcement about the same “update” in the latest v4.x firmware and got no answer/response.

Be careful installing this update. For several users it has bricked the device. See other thread and backup everything if you want to try,

It did brick my Wd My Cloud 8TB => Endlessly flashing blue LED (left it running for week…)

I needed to downgrade the firmware. If anyone needs to do it too use this instructions:

The following link may also be of assistance for those looking to downgrade to a previous firmware on the single bay My Cloud models as it has previous firmware links.