Firmware update 1.03.41 Problems (Remote Backup Jobs)

With the new firmware release on Jun 11 (1.03.41), changes were made to remote backup software.

My backups are now rebuilding ALL files, not just the changes.

I had 4 auto-run jobs set up since May 24, and they ran nightly.  I have 2 EX2s, on two different networks.  One job for each Share on the main EX2.   It took over 48 hours for the first set of jobs to run.  After the initial jobs ran, it then just backed up the changed files.  On June 11, an entire re-build was started, and here is why…

the new release creates new directories on the back-up device.  In the SHARE directed by the auto-run job, it creates ta directory called [Deleted-privacy] _remote_backup  (where the WUQ… is a device identifier)  then under that, it creates yet another directory that is the job name, followed by another sub-directory that is the equivalent of the Share on the source EX2 device.  The software then finds NO files, so an entire re-build is done.

So, why would a new release do this?  Create all these unnecessary additional directories and cause an entire re-build of the backup?  I don’t know, but I need to copy all the old files to the new structure somehow so I don’t have to rebuild everything. 

Can someone please explain the new structure?  I will be creating ONE new backup job, that auto-runs backups of all 4 Shares on the main device.  What should that file structure look like?  I’ll manually build it, then drag/drop the old backup files into the new structure.  Is there another way anyone can see to fix this situation other than that?

thanks for your time.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


I spoke with L2 Tech support.  They confirmed the new file structure is working as designed for this release.  The new backup will create 3 levels of directories under the specified Share:

Device ID

       Job Name

             Share name from Source Drive

Do not use the MyCloud desktop app to copy files from the old structure into the new structure on the backup drive.  The copy “feature” changes all the dates on the files that are copied to the day/time of the copy.  

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