Firmware update 02.42.02-012 - files disappeared from WIndows Explorer


I updated to the latest firmware yesterday  02.42.02-012 and since then I have lost a folder which contained a variety of my videos within (about 100gb). I believe that the files are still there somewhere, as my dashboard now shows a large chunk of usage in the “.Other” section which was not there previously, however I cannot see the folder they were stored in through windows explorer, or on any media server.

The videos were not contained in the “Shared Videos” as set up by MyBookLive, but in a folder I created mysefl on the drive simply called “Videos”. They were previously in the public part of the drive. 

I have a similar Music folder which was not affectedby the update.

I’ve tried rebooting the device and installing the other media packs, rebuilding the database etc, but as the mybooklive device doesn’t see these files as media files, it has not resolved the problem.

Any ideas?


Search the forums for instructions on how to enable SSH and then download WinSCP if you are running windows and browse to /DataVolume/shares and look around for your missing folder. If you find it, try moving it to another share on the drive.

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Thanks, already had SSH enabled so tried this and I still cannot find the folder. I’ve given up on this though after the search through WinSCP and have began to source the old files from different places again.

I do have a further question though on the file structure, my shares seem to appear three times, once in the path you gave (data volume/shares) one via a fiolder named “nfs” from the root directory and a third called “shares” also from the root directory.

Does this sound normal?


Yep that is normal…

Hopefully someone from WD reaches out to you for some logs in case this is a serious bug in the new firmware

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