Firmware trashed MYCloud

Here is what I have PC running Windows 7 on a gig Ethernet with many Raspberry Pi’s for watching TV
WD MYCloud 4tb v04.04.02-105 with a MYbook 4tb 1230 hooked up to the USB of MYCloud everything has been running smooth until I updated to the latest firmware on mycloud :frowning: When the firmware finished and after the reboot the USB drive got re-assigned to a new location so I remapped it to a drive letter “W”. That was a pain ! had to go around an update all my systems… Well as of today ! I can no longer see the USB drive on my PC or any machines. Come to find out Mycloud corrupted the drive. When I plugged it in to the P.C. with USB cable it needed scanned and repair, so I did.
Plugged it back into Mycloud used the UI it shows the USB drive installed but still not showing up on my PC

  1. did a reboot of the cloud
  2. 40 second reset
    And it still shows up on the MYCloud UI but not on my PC…HELP !! The drive is fine when I plug it directly to my PC. Both Drives are less then a year old …Hoping someone has the solution

Is there a way to roll back the firmware ?

Just a few posts down from this one…

Well I guess nobody from Western Digital is going to step up and say it was their FIRMWARE’s problem here’s the solution !
Dam NOT TO THRILLED about ROLLING back my firmware !

Have you seen the possible solution to the external USB hard drive renaming issue with Safepoint that may be related to your issue which is not Safepoint related?