Firmware suggestion

Hi I am looking for a firmware suggestion. I am ready to downgrade to get the more basic features working. I am wanting just a stable release for playing multiple file formats. My setup: External USB WD drive wired ethernet connection HDMI audio and video Multiple file formats most in MKV these days and ISOs I can live without menus and other niceties in leu of being able to watch movies without crashes. I don’t care about thumbnails or menus or any of the extra features. Right now I’m just interested in it playing movies and ISOs reliably. I started encoding some of my DVDs to MP4 but it takes to long and I have lost all of the flexibility in the last FW versions that made me want this unit in the first place. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It  seems like everyone here has different experiences with the various firmware versions. For me  3.03.13 has been very stable and has worked fine for all the things you list below, as well as given me the features that I wanted. I use it with MOJO and scrape my stuff with HubGen.

Unfortunately you are going to have to try a few different ones as when you read through the threads here, lots of folks have issues with almost every version.

good luck