Firmware Roadmap Request?

Is there any chance we the customers might get a possible firmware Roadmap to let us know what is planned for fixes, improvements, developements, new features, etc.?

I notice that most of the competitors boxes have a forum with many indications of what is coming down the pipeline in the future. I am sure that this keeps their customers loyal and interested which will boost their sales as well . I am quite sure that I am not alone in wishing that we could get this info for our WDTV Live’s. After the fiasco of the firmware issues, WD might have to work hard to keep customer loyalty high in order to aid sales of the WDTV Live.

I agree.  Roadmap please.

Could we get an explanation of how the idea process works.

And how about some way to indicate the status of an Idea.

  • Looked at

  • Considered

  • Awaiting more votes

  • Accepted

  • Working on it

  • To be included in next firmware

  • To be included in future product

  • Not possible