Firmware Release Timeline

Would it be possible to get a ballpark timeline for firmware releases? I mean this new firmware is on the front page of the WD website as a major selling point of the hub (now with HULU Plus!!), yet overall I think the release can be deemed a failure. 2.07 has been out more than a month and since then this forum has been on fire with justified griping. Would anyone even loosly affiliated with WD (moderators) like to chime in on a ballpark release for firmware? Better yet how about a use at your own risk access to nightly builds or betas. Why so close to the vest here? We haven’t even had an official acknowledgement of the reported bugs. What gives?

WD has never been forthcoming when it come to providing info about future FW update. But if you want, you can kudo my idea about beta testing.

Cheer. :slight_smile:

I get an unexpected error when I click your link.

Link fixed. :slight_smile: