Firmware Release 4.01.02-417 (12/17/2014)

I had big problems with the last V4 firmware and reverted back to V03.04.01-230 and everything was back to normal.

Prior to installing this latest firmware update I need to know if there are any issues being experianced that would deter me from upgrading.


Hello, can you share what type of problems were you having? 

I too had major issues with the last release and had to revert back.  It was thrashing the disk madly and thus you could not access or stream media from the unit.

if you go back on the forum you’ll see lots of posts.

Let me see if I can find my posts

See if this case number helps:

Western Digital Case [Deleted - Trancer]

That thread.

I don’t often disable automatic updates.  I did after that upgrade.

So … before I do this I’m going to enable SSH and ask… how is this one looking and will it not cause the performance problem that the that version caused?

Lets see,

Couldn’t connect 100% of the time from Dashboard

Dashbord took forever to populate info when it did connect

Couldn’t connect 100% of the time remotely

When did connect nothing would play

Going back to previous firmware everything is 100%. Connections are quick and complete with everything playing.

Had no issues with any of the firmwares and i am currently on the latest, I dont use a Mac though.

Me either. No Mac