Firmware Release 1.05.21 - Working at all?

Performed the upgrade last night.  Now the EX4 doesn’t connect to the internet so all devices trying to get to it say ‘cloud access is disabled’.    From the dashboard on the device - under settings - general - connection status it says: “relay connection established”.  Before it said “ready”.  Ideas?

I’m assuming that you have both the Sldiers to enable Cloud Service and Cloud Dashboard Access?

Yes and yes.

I can get to the dashboard on the LAN.  Now the WD can’t find the internet at all?  ISP is comcast and the cable modem / router is a Mot Arris.  Everything esle attach to router gets to the internet just fine.  Everything went sour with 1.05.21.  Anyway to roll back a firmware update?  The setting below is auto.

Ok, looks like I have a much bigger problem.  Not only did networking die post 1.05.21, but now all my shares are gone.