Firmware question

Being that I’m new to media players (SMP is my first one)
I have a question for the more seasoned veterans of these products…

1.) How common/uncommon is it for a new firmware update to break something substantial? I.e. video issues, audio issues, losing wifi, device ejecting HD’s etc. (In other words an issue as a result of a firmware update that severely cripples the functioning of your device.)

The reason I ask is because if this happens on a fairly regular basis I may consider holding off on firmware updates and stick with one that works until I’m fairly certain that the new firmware won’t jack my set-up.

Its quite commom for updates to fix some problems and cause others. My advice is to update only if you need to. Read the forum and see what problems occur but bear in mund that some people have problems with a firmware update and some don’t.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.