Firmware question

I have an older WD TV HD media player, P/NWDBABF0000NBK-01

I’m not sure how old the player is, but is there a firmware update available? I’ve noticed that it does not recognize certain codecs.

thanks for the help


I have one of those , it’s End of Life and no longer supported as far as I can tell , there are no further updates available for it.

You need to refer to the complete user manual for YOUR model WDTV. The devices only play certain codecs, and they are listed in the manual. Very old WDTV may not have added newer codecs in FW, but the manual will help determine this.

Latest version for your product is 1.01.77.

Generally speaking, firmware doesn’t ever add codec support. It might add support for various file types, but that’s not the same as codec type.