Firmware Problem

Bazzah… What model number EP do you own? What version is currently on it?

TonyPh12345 and Johnduk

Finally figured it out, just wasn’t fully understanding  the thread,

  1. Get the update firmware

  2. unzip it

  3. place the unzipped firmare into the root directory of your device

  4. unplug your device from your PC

  5. Connect it to your digital TV

  6. the screen will tell you, you have either old or new firmware.

In my case the firmware was old so I did not need to use it.

Meanwhile I am still daving problems viewing any dvd files does not like the Video_TS files they become very pixelated and I am using the HDMI cable.

Any suggestions please.

Meanwhile thank you Tony and Johnduk for your threads they were a big help and did turn on some lights.

By the way I have the imac 11.2  if that helps to solve my viewing problem. I also have MTR 4 any clues on how I may use this to maybe give me the results I want.

Thanks to all MTR has solved my dvd issues.