Firmware Issue

I recently downloaded the newest firmware for the WD Live hub and am very disappointed with it. When using the zoom/pan feature on pause the video will go back to playing when i’m in the midst of adjusting the video size.

Also when I attempt to use the skip to desired time feature the video will freeze after I enter the time (instead of taking me to the portion of the video I want).

However I do like the audio lip sync feature. So my question is does anyone know what version of the Live Hub firmware introduces the lip sync feature? Ideally the early versions wont have the issues I described. Thanks.

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The requested information should be in the release notes/update history. I’d recommend reading the file.

Good morning

I’ve had a LiveHub for quite a few years although I hardly ever used it, but recently decided to see if I could still use it for Photo file storage within our house local network - but not for external streaming purposes.

However, I got a bit of a shock when running a BitDefender intrusion-vulnerability check on the network devices as that indicated that the LiveHub has a number of such vulnerabilities! Therefore I decided to see if there was/is f/w that is more up-to-date than the currently loaded Version 3.12.13, but then found that the online check firmware status check doesn’t work anymore.

Therefore I would be grateful if someone could confirm:
(a) Is there, or is there not, any f/w version later than 3.12.13?
(b) if there is a later version then from where can I get it?

Thanks in advance.

Firmware is available here:

Device is old, but still works, if you have secured lan and it lives there, who cares. Just let it work.

the only foreseeable problem with the WDTV Live Hub and it’s discontinued for the last 6 Years status is that it still uses SMB1 which is vulnerable to the Wannacry exploit.

if the OP has (or wants) a secure LAN … then they should be using SMB2 or SMB3

which will mean he can’t use the WDTV Live Hub because it never got patched for Wannacry