Firmware Impacts MP3 Sound Quality?

I have noted degraded sound quality from my MP3 music since the two recent firmware upgrades.  Now, it’s possible that I had the problem prior to the upgrade and did not notice it.  Has anyone else noticed a change of SQ in their MP3 files?

I am not an audiofile, so I can’t describe the changes to the music with authority.  However, it now sounds muddy with muted highs.

I play my music from my media server to the TV Live via a wireless dongle, and then into my receiver via HDMI.  Any help wold be appreciated.

yes it is the updates. They really need to test stuff before they trash the unit or something pluged in to it!!

I can see alot of people looking for a better unit from someone else

Have you already loaded the factory settings? I have also had sound problems but now it is solved.

We have found a problem where after watching a video in Flingo, other media will have loud and/or distorted sound. Power cycling the device resolves this problem.

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