Firmware for quieter HDD


I have 2 WD Black drives.

For a while I thought that the noise comes from the fans.
After several attempts to lower the noise from the fans,
I realize that the HDDs are the ones who make all the noise.

How do I minimize the noise coming out from the HDDs ??

The only method I know is having the HDD in Standby/Sleep State.
But obviously I can’t use the HDD afterwards…

Could you please release a firmware that allows adjusting the HDD ?
Obviously performance will be adversely affected but often users prefer quieter HDD than performance… For example when they study.



A simple partial-solution would be that the HDD would put itself in a sleep state if the SATA port is disabled by the motherboard.

For example I have a machine where 2 HDDs have their SATA ports disabled by the motherboard.
In that case I don’t need these HDDs.
But the HDDs continue to work as if they were required (I can hear them working normally).
So the HDD should verify that the SATA port is enabled prior to becoming active.

Status: Acknowledged

Idea approved for voting.

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