Firmware [EXCLAMATION POINT] v03.03.02-165?

What is this supposed to mean?

When i click the right arrow it says “Retrieving” and then "ERROR - No Internet access. Check your network and try again (220004)

I have internet access. How do you give internet access to the cloud server??

The diagnosis says OK.

I have Network Services set up for Static with IP address,Netmask, Gateway, and DNS Server 1 all having the correct info like my computer has.

Where do you see that.

Home screen , on the right, below diagnosis , above content scan

I was able to update the firmware (at v03.04.01-219 now) but i still have the no internet access message.

I notice a lot of people get that on here but there seems to be no solution. Is there one?

In this post, there is indication that you might get this error message because the NAS tries to access the firmware server and uses this test to determine Internet Access.

Is the rest of the NAS functionality working fine (local access, remote access)?

I’m not sure what you mean by “working” . I am able to access remotely from my phone and on my home computer so that works.

I still don’t understand what it means by “No Internet Access” in Settings - Netowrk - Status.

How is your My Cloud connected, is it to your router? What shows under Settings>General>Cloud Access? Does it show connected? How about Cloud Access under the General setting.

Below is what shows in my Dashboard for Settings>Network.

What shows when you click on Cloud Access.

Have you tried a reboot of your My Cloud? See the following information .

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