Firmware, drivers files for windows 7 installation

Hello, I’m looking for drivers that are requiered for installing windows 7 for Model WDC WDS256G1X0C NVMe . Firmware version is B355 I can’t find drivers any where.

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Windows 7 does not natively support NVMe drives. From my understanding you can make it work but you will need a computer with an intel SATA chipset skylake or newer and you will need to make a virtual Win 7 install disk and slip stream the Intel IRST storage driver.

WD support has the following knowledge base article and it recommends contacting Microsoft for instructions on how to make Win 7 work with NVMe drives.


MSI has a tool to add drivers to the windows installation so with this I was able to add the NVMe drivers to it and install windows 7 on my ssd, thank you for you reply

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Hello Ivhen.
Can you tell me which is the MSI tool, because I have the same problem and I can not clone my old disk.
I think the problem is because the Operating System was Win-7 upgraded to Win-10

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So my problem was that windows would not detect my nvme drive during the installing and by using this tool, (MSI Win 7 Smart tool) I was able to add the drivers in the iso files so it would detect my drive and I could install on it. If you have the same problem that should work hopefully :slight_smile:

Good luck

Where to get a driver for this drive
You can share the windows 7 ISO