Firmware download location

Does anyone have a download link to download firmware updates from the Western Digital website. The only thing that I’ve found while searching is software. I have two WD4002FYYZ WD Gold 4 tb drives that I need to check out and see if there maybe a firmware update for them. I can’t even find anything to tell me what firmware is on them.

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As far as I know this model does not have a firmware update.

Thank you!

I actually have 3 three (2 was a typo) of the drives and a concern about the sound they are producing. On top of that I was told by the tech support team for the server manufacturer that they wouldn’t provide support since I didn’t buy the drives from them in spite of what I was told when I bought the server. All that was said about the drives when I bought the server was that they needed to be enterprise drives. There is no documentation anywhere that can find that says I have to use their drives. The only thing I found on the net which I already had is that enterprise class drives must be used.

I just got off the phone with Western Digital and they assured me the sound I am hearing is normal and to use the drives without worry. So I was going to proceed that way but then I got an email in regards to what was normal sound and what was not so now I am concerned again because my drives to some degree fit into the abnormal category in my mind.

The drives don’t clunk or click but they have a measurable noise coming from them every 3 seconds or so. It is has a rhythm like a heartbeat but it sounds like short burst of a read or writes but it only lasts about 2 seconds from the first drive to the last. So, like I said each of the drives make the sound one after another starting right after the server is powered on all the way until it is shutdown.

I ran all of the manufacturers pre-boot diagnostic tests against the drives, WD Lifeguard, and a utility called HD tune and the drives pass all tests.

So I am kind of stuck.

I uploaded a 3 minute sound clip of it with my support case but it’s a pain to listen to it. It’s a PDF with an MP3 embedded in it. You have to download the PDF from the support case, open it Acrobat Reader, and enable the content by right clicking the gray or white box presented on the screen. Once that is done you can play the MP3.

I would be more than happy to email it to someone interested in hearing it. I am going try and put it on YouTube as well, I just need to get the time to do it.