Firmware Broke my Raid

I have had an EX2 Ultra for about 4 months. Out of the box it’s been ok although I did notice after the first reboot my raid configuration broke. Hmmm… Really?
So, I simply redid it and tested another reboot and then it was fine. It’s been running pretty solid on a bookshelf for a few months. No power interruptions or unplanned reboots.

I know running a Raid 0 is not the best practice but I was not overly concerned due to having backed up much of my data. What I did not plan for was the effort my son put into storing several movies on this device, that were not backed up.

Imagine my surprise when I return from work today to find that the NAS is not available. Looking at the logs, I can see that a reboot occurred. I can also see that the latest firmware was applied at 3:00 a.m. this morning and the reboot occurred right after that.
Now, when I look at the console, I do not see any data available. My drives both show healthy and pass the tests but the Raid 0 is damaged.

Now I’m really thinking, if I have to redo it again, I should probably look at a different raid configuration but I digress. Why would I bother redoing anything if there is any chance I would have to redo it again in 4 months or even after the next reboot?

To be totally honest, if I end up having to redo this, I would be tempted to throw this thing in the trash.

I’m only hoping that maybe someone here has found a solution for this… otherwise, out it goes… never again.

The YOLO build, that’s RAID0 + automatic updates in a nutshell.

RAID0: 1 inconsistent bit between the drives and the whole volume is corrupt
RAID1: the bit would get repaired
JBOD: one disk may have a few broken files, but the data on the other disk is not affected