Firmware bricked drive, research inside

We all know the story by now. Installed the firmware, drive rebooted, first light came one… went off… came on… and has done this since. Anyway, I connected the drive to a Linux installation and mounted the various partitions and poked around. It seems that the drive is stuck in a loop where every time it starts up, it does the update sequence. First it backs up a bunch of files that dictate the current settings, then it runs a shell file called “update1.shl.” Something executed in that file seems to be going awry and I cannot figure out what it is. I greped the contents of the partition, but I cannot determine what is invoking this shell script to begin with. It seems like it may be possible to get the drive to boot by disabling the execution of this script, as I do not believe it has really messed with the linux installation on the partition yet. Baring that, it might also be possible to manually extract the firmware and place it on the drive by hand. I’ve poked around, but haven’t found any information on doing this. Anyone ever attempted to do so or succeed?

I vow never to buy WD again after this.

I started a thread like this then Bill_S deleted all of my posts and banned me. Ban again and Ill make another account and continue to bring it up until my problem is fixed. (Talk about incompetence…) Maybe if anyone had a solution besides “call the 800 number”( where they instruct you to power cycle it and shortly after condemn it and deny any esistance of a firmware issue.) Do you think I didnt try a power-cycle already? After 2 hours of the thing rebooting itself and not appearign on my network with  the drives spinning like mad it was clear that there was a problem.

I determined it to be bricked at that point, BEFORE I GOT ON THE FORUM OR CALLED THE NUMBER. The only feedback from WD that I can get is APPARANTLY my drive is bricked and needs replacement, But also that in my frustration,  I’m no longer allowed to use this website from because I’ve been banned because I’m pissed off about my 2TB MBWE BRICK.

No WD, condemning my drive after destroying it with your bad release, completely denying it and banning me is not a solution to the problem. Im not spending another 400 on NAS and If I do granted it wont be WD.

I’ve already condemned it, its obviously due to bad firmware, my drive was bricked and WD has done nothing but delete all of my posts, completely ignore me and ban me from using the forum. Seems like everyone here has the same issue.

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So, hotomelette is back.  I banned you because all you’re doing is trolling and trying to inflame everyone.  I can understand that you are pissed off.  But, when you disrespect others, and post irrelevant replies (hijacking threads), when others want help, then it’s time to say goodbye.  

Case in point: the user wanted me to block the thread after you posted.

If you really want help then pm me.  Otherwise, I will just ban you again.



If you have the drive mounted on a linux partition can you do me a favor and lookup the partition setup?

If you have 4k sector drives i would really appreciate getting a snapshot of the partition table and the MBR.

Partition tables:

fdisk -luc /dev/sdc

sfdisk -d /dev/sdc > diskA_table

and MBR:

dd if=/dev/sdc of=MBR-backup bs=512 count=1

where sdc is one of the drives.

If I get those I might be able to create working images of 2TB white light 4k drives. I already have images of 512byte drives that I can share which will unbrick devices for sure.

Dear bill_s,

you are not helping to people, you only bann their account, you are not a god!

Be sure that We the users will complaint to your behavior and prepare for some questions from your superiors!

Good luck.

MadMan2010 wrote:

Dear bill_s,


you are not helping to people, you only bann their account, you are not a god!


Be sure that We the users will complaint to your behavior and prepare for some questions from your superiors!


Good luck.

It is not my job to provide Tech Support.  It is my job to make sure users behave in the community in accordance with our useage guidelines.  If they can’t, then it is my job to ban them.  You can complain all you want, but I am just doing my job.  And you’re right, I’m not a god.  But I am responsible to maintain some sort of order in this forum.  And if you read the thread above, you’d see that other user wanted me to close the thread after omelette posted.

The fact is, I haven’t even banned him, again, yet.  If he follows the guidelines, I won’t.  If he wants help, I’ll try to help him.  Just as I said in the above post.  However, if people are unwilling to follow the guidelines, they will be banned.  Period.  Remember, you agreed to keep our Useage Guidelines when you registered in this community.  You agreed.  I’m only enforcing what you agreed to.