Firmware 3.xx.xx ? for WD Live SMP?

Everything I read about linksheets say to use firmware 3.xx.xx?

This device uses a firmware 1.xx.xx

What am I missing?

I want to use linksheets. 



Linksheets work with EVERY FIRMWARE REVISION

Go to the “Source” of the Discovery and read, read, read


WDTV Live Hub = 1 Terabyte of Linksheet Storage

WDTV Live Streaming = 30 Megabyte of Linksheet Storage *

WDTV Live (Gen1) = Unlimated Linksheet Storage [wdtvlive_hub_osd_0.5 Custom Firmware]

Mochi Hub Interface on the Old Live Gen1 - Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

* Beta Homebrew available to resolve this (click the underlined)

(but if you can’t figure it out using standard firmware … then you haven’t got a hope with custom beta firmware)

The link you sent me was for a theme that needs 35mb but the SMP is limited to 30mb. Is there a way to increase theme space via. a USB drive inserted into the back of the unit?


Threads have many posts and pagestry reading past the 1st one


Thank you, I didn’t know that. NOT!

read the thread again, especially the last post on page 1