Firmware 3.00.28 - TV freezes up (+Solution)

Upgraded to V3 last week which caused the TV to freeze up after a couple of minutes (Using HDMI). You basically had to turn the TV off and on again to see anything. After some troubleshooting using my PC screen, it seemed like the Live Hub was switching the output between different modes or something, which was probably what was confusing the TV.

I then read on the firmware upgrade site that “HDMI-CEC support is not functioning correctly in this release”. Urggh… 

So after playing with the settings a bit, I managed to turn off the “Auto detect feature”, by setting it manually to a “fixed” setting (1080i 50Hz), which solved the issue. So it seems that the Hub was tryning to "chat’ to the TV to find out what output settings to use, and somewhere in the process things turned pear shaped.

when yours freezes up, did u still hear sound? I am trying to see eliminate either bad video files or same issue as you had with freezing, t hanks

Yes, you could still hear sound, but the screen blacks out, and then TV becomes unresponsive.

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I have to add that I also downgraded to the version before this one (2.08.13) at one stage, and it did the same. I then found the solution and after testing it for a bit I upgraded to V3.00.28, and applied the same config.

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Folks, with issues like this, it’s most helpful if you would post your EXACT TV Make and Model to see if a pattern emerges.

Even if the WD is messing with the HDMI, it’s no excuse for a TV to lock up… :slight_smile:

Good point. :smiley:

The TV is a 32" Mecer LCD (HD Ready). It’s about 3 years old. I think it’s been (re)branded as “Mecer”, not sure what its origianal manufacturer is. The issue here is that it freezes up, and you have to swithc the power off and back on to recover.

The PC screen is a Samsung XL2370. This one doesn’t actually freeze, but you can see that it’s switching/losing signal from the Hub. It goes black, shows “HDMI” as input at the top, and comes online again.

It also does  “passthrough” through a Sony Soundbar (HT-CT350), and the Hub is set up as such. (Cant remember the exact setting, but you have a choice between Stereo, via HDMI or via optical. I have bypassed the Soundbar entirely, and it still did the same, both with the TV and PC screen connected.

The solution I posted didnt seem to solve the issue entirely, as it happned again last night. It does make it a tad better though.

Now, what I have noticed is that it seems to happen more frequently, when the hub has been running for a while. Maybe it’s got something todo with heat or capacitance build up. Hardware issue maybe? Not sure. Might have been coincidence that it started actiing after I upgraded. Also, summer is gradually showing it’s colors in the Souther Hemisphere, so could be heat related.

Going to buy some new HDMI cables this afternoon and see if that sovles anything.