Firmware 2.10.302 LED Operation? And System Fan!

OK, I will probably get a fair amount of flack for saying this, but I really dont care about whats changed in the LED operation.  I just want to know exactly what it’s supposed to do and when it should do it.  WD should have put the LED operation change in the firmware release notes, or they should have made it configurable via the UI.  And while I’m talking about configurable options, WD should also make the D*M fan operation user configurable.  

As for the LEDs, mine seem to do what has been mentioned by a couple of different moderators on this forum, but an official document or revised user manual from WD would be appreciated.

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My apologies for any inconvenience caused. The attached image shows the front panel power LED behavior.

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Here are a couple of Knowledgebase Articles that may help explain the led light functions.  

The front LED on a My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud EX2 displays solid red

The front LED on a My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud EX2 remains solid blue