Firmware 2.02.32, now second ext USB drive is extremely to response

after I did the upgrade to Firmware 2.02.32 my second USB ext HD is extremely slow to response. Before I did the upgrade it had no issues at all. The first ext USB drive is still working great. any ideas why.

I have a powered USB hub and have the two drives connected to it.

Tried a firmnware rollback but it has not happened yet. I donwladed the wdtvlivegen3_2.01.86 and put the five files in the root of the USB but it has not come up yet yo install.??


The movies play fine, no skipping.but scrolling through the files it really slow, at leat 20 seconds to go from page to page

The strucure I have is the following:

Folder for: action, comedy, disney, drama, family, horror, mystery, syfy, scooby doo

Now the strange part… ACTION, COMEDY, DRAMA are slow to response. but the rest no problems at all, can browse and play files with no problems.

The action, comedy and drama folders will open, but the xml files are really slow to show and the advancing to next page is really slow.

I thought it was a theme issue, but tried the GRID theme and same results


Its doing the same for me, it almost seems like its a particular file is causing it maybe?

It was working fine for me immediately after the update, then I copied a few more files to my drive throughout the day and found it super slow. I will attempt to figure out which one is causing it when I get some time after work, still a pain in the butt though.

Are there files with Unicode-characters in the filenames in the affected folders?

I did a firmware rollback to version: wdtvlivegen3_rollback_1.16.13 and everything is working again

wanted to rollback to the previous firmware but could not find a link to the verson: 2.0.186

This is the only link I could find:

You can make your own rollback-firmwares.

extract the version you to rollback to, and edit the file “wdtvlivegen3.ver” with a text editor. Change the first line to something like


This is just to trick the updating-feature, after flashing the firmware it will have its proper version-number.