Firmware 2.02.32 made the interface very slow

I only use the WD Live only locally (not YouTube, Netflix or any other Internet services) but I found that since I did the update
firmware 2.02.32 The WD Live interface has become very, very slow but really very, very slow. Everything became abominably slow.

What makes the product less pleasant to use …

Please an update soon.

Could you make a short video with you cell phone demonstrating this?

Same problem. It’s very slow when I’m browsing or editing my media library (which consist of more than 700 movies). Rest parts of interface are ok. Where to get previous firmware to rollback?

Like u, I have noticed the Media Library Video views are slower than 1.16.03 I was using (after a day u get used to it, but intiially it drove me mad).

But, u also mentioned when editting your library. I take it u are Edit/Move or Edit/Copy or Edit/Delete things. I have noticed that in last release when u Move things it does the file move on shares then immediately kicks off a full Library refresh which takes an age. It seems to first detect the file going, then ripple display smaller by one entry then the file arrives and the display ripples one entry bigger!Over serveral minutes.

The last release of firmware just moved file on disk and left Library Datatbase out of step until next refresh invoked by u or the regular refreshes u may configured. At least this was quick! The current mechanism is ridiculously slow considering that once files confirmed moved on disk all box needs to do is isse some SQL command to edit one entry in the database to match the move and then update its own copy held in memory to match (probably the two would be done by underlying SQLLite sw). The same applies to Delete and Copy functions.

Now this has flip-flopped between the two mechanisms before over the last 2 years I have had the box. One is right but so slow, the other is brocken but at least is fast. A fast & full solution would be nice but not holding my breath after so long. Adding apps seems to be the priority to sell the box, core functionality is being left to rot.