Firmware 2.02.32 cant play any network media after using BBC Iplayer

Updated to latest firmware.

Only use Video streaming from Network Share on Windows 8 Pc or iplayer.

Video streaming works fine until I use BBC I Player.

Once I have played anything on Iplayer, although I can browse to the network shares and it starts to attempt to play I get nothing.

If I browse iplayer but not play anything, I can still go back and browse and and play from the video section. Its only if I play anything using iplayer.

Yes I have exactly this issue on my WD TV Live. I just registered on this forum tonight! When trying to play network share files I just get an endless donut. To get it to work I have been restarting the device. Sort it out please WD?

Yes exactly the same issue with local storage in the USB, this last firmware update is a nightmare, things which have gone wrong:

  1. Lag in menu - really bad at one point but when i deleted a couple of recent file info’s it speeded up, but slowed down when i rescanned the files - so no information for now which is a pain.

  2. Refuses point blank to play local media after using iplayer - important in the UK because its such a fantastic service.

  3. Lost MP4’s into the music folder - audio only, had to remux them to mkv for them to show up again, there is something wrong with its recognition on the MP4’s it does see as it leave the file extension on now in library view.

  4. When moving files around it looses 50 to 100 or so files when it compiles - something it used to do infrequently is nearly every time now.

Even worse i bricked one of my WDTV’s installing the firmware - total loss tried everything - i’m used to bugs in WD’s updates but this has to be the worst by far.

Guess what, iplayer finished so i have to reboot the wdtv now, if only it was a real doughnut spinning before me i’d be happy then…

I am having similar problems which didn’t exist before updating to 2.02.32

Is this problem recognised as a bug and being addressed?