Firmware .17

I just received a new(RMA)  WD live player with version .1 and it able to read my network .vob files however It does not  play surround sound in direct mode thru hdmi (Yamaha receiver).

We need more details. In audio setup what output have you selected?

I am using HDMI , I just uograded from 1.0.1 FW to .17 and  again there is  it took  5 minutes to load the file and play  few frames then freeze.  1.01 FW no problem to play. Definitely there is something been modified in the latest FW.

I will explorer different bramd such as ASUS, LINKSYS, VIEWSONIC …so many media player on the market now.  Very bad tech support also for this product.

Does it work when you play the vob file from a USB-attached drive?

Same here: could not play Surround sound through HDMI direct. I tried both in audio settings and receiver always reported PCM 48 kbps instead of “Dolby Digital 3/2.1”. The only difference was: when set audio option to ‘digital’ some of my video files with DTC audio track remain silent at all with no sound. Once again: Using HDMI, if audio option is set  to ‘digital’ then videos with software AC3 audio tracks play as plain stereo but videos with digital DTC audio pay with no sound. If audio option set to ‘stereo’ both play as plain stereo.

yes, it works direct attached USB

I use HDMI