Firmware 1.13.18. MKV freeze up

WD TV Live Streaming Media Center. 

I have had issues since updating to 1.13.18.

Streaming mkv from network share, mkv files freeze up during play.

The files did work fine before firmware update.

After rolling back to version 1.12.14, the problems seems to be solved, mkv files stream without an issue.

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Did you reset the unit after the update?

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I have a similar problem. My WD TV Live media player ( WDBHG70000NBK firmware 1.13.18) locked up 4 times during playback of two MKV movies. The player drops its connection to the USB connected drive (WD My Passport 2 TB) and then displays a message saying the drive is no longer connected. When I check the drive, the drive light is off. If I disconnect the drive and reconnect it and I can play the movie again. I have been able to play the movies thru the part where the player froze, so it does not appear to be a problem with the MKV files. I have run CHKDISK on the drive and there are no problems with it.

USB3 HDD? Try the front port for a test.

I installed the previous version of the firmware
(1.12.14), watched a few MKV movies without any problems until last night when
an MKV movie locked-up and the WD TV Live dropped the connection to the USB
hard drive, as it did under version 1.13.18. The 2 TB My Passport drive I am
using has been verified with CHECKDSK and WD Data Lifeguard Tools (Quick and
Extended tests). It looks like there may be a bug in the WD TV Live firmware
that goes back beyond version 1.12.14. I have reinstalled firmware version
1.13.18 and have connected the drive to the front USB port, just to verify
there is no hardware problem with the rear USB port.

So is it USB3? If so, read this and weep.

My external drive is USB 3.0 and powered from the USB port.

I read through the messages in your forum link. Pretty sad.

Based on your testing, is the front port problem free as far as the video lock-up problem?

I am still testing my front USB port. I’ll let you know what I find.

I think the best way to pressure wd into fixing the problem is to submit reviews on retail web sites, in addition to contacting the wd tech support.

Like I wrote in said link, the error is too random to be reproduced and thus putting pressure on WD won’t achieve anything. Only thing people can do is list their HDD specs and use the front port in the meantime which so far does not appear to have these issues.

Have you reported the problem to WD Tech. Support Techflaws?

They don’t seem to know the problem exists.

It’s already been reported a while ago and so far WD seems to have been unable to reproduce it (which given my mixed results doesn’t surprise me).

WD told me that it is not an know issue.

They are not trying to reproduce the problem.

If you want the problem fixed, you have to report it.

The more complaints WD gets the sooner the problem gets fixed.

Is it this that WD say they don’t know about.

Sarahqu wrote:

WD told me that it is not an know issue.

If it’s the one that’s probably related to USB3 HDDs attached to the back port then it is a known problem. You probably had some marketing drones on the phone with no access to the closed beta forum.

I was trading emails with WD Tech Support.

Telling me it’s a known issue, when WD says it isn’t, is really helpful.

As I said before - report the issue if you want it fixed!

Maybe that’s because this forum knows just a little more than WD tech support about what WD is aware of.
Re-read the Techflaws last post, particularly the last bit.

Hi richUK. It’s a similar problem, except I am using a USB attached WD My Passport 2 TB external drive.

Five times in the space of a week, the HD disconnected while playing MKV movie files (3 different ones).

At the request of WD I ran their extended diagnostics, as well as CHKDSK, on the drive and verified it as not having any problems.

So have you tried both USB sockets. A number of users have a problem with the rear socket.
There is something similar to your problem at the link below. You may note that WD say they are investigating, which I think shows you the level of WD tech support knowledge plus I also see that you have added a note on page 4.

Hi richUK - I have just started using the front USB port but only watched two movies, so it is too soon to tell if this is a potential work-around. I don’t expect it will be, since there should be no difference between the front and rear ports or the firmware that controls them.

There is a lot of information scattered around this forum that Tech. Support does not know about. That is the point I am trying to make. The information needs to get to the people who fix bugs. I doubt anyone at WD is being tasked with browsing the support forum on a regular basis.

The people at WD I have been dealing with are only level one support but you have to start somewhere. If enough complaints are made directly to the support group, the issue will be escalated, and hopefully fixed.

Note the date on the “investigated” link you provided.

Sarahqu - You are correct there should be no difference between the front and back USB ports but you are ignoring the large amount of evidence from users that there is some sort of difference. I have nothing against users reporting problems to WD tech support but you are also ignoring the fact that some users are in direct contact with WD as beta testers (as I said when I asked you to re-read the post). WD support is way down the list when it comes to knowledge of problems and higher WD staff do read these forums. What WD chooses to do about a problem is up to them and unfortunately we have found that we have no control over their time scale or any of their decisions. 

Can I also say with respect that you are making a lot of assumptions for a person who only registered 2 weeks ago.

WD staff do read the forums and they ask for feedback with every firmware update.

WD set up the LIve Streaming Issues so they could get problems posted to them, so WD staff do know about the problems.

Users have obviously found some sort of difference between the front and back USB port.

How do you know what information has and has not been given to WD support or directly to WD.