Firmware 1.11.14- Ejecting Issues

Ever since the lastest 1.11.14, the WD TV Live player doesn’t eject the drive and just hangs.  I have to hard power the unit down by holding the power button down for 5-10 seconds.  Then once the unit reboots and reloads the drive, I then can safely eject the drive properly.

If you try and eject a drive or cancel the ejection process because of hanging and then you don’t see the drive in the list, that doesn’t mean it’s properly ejected.  There will be bad written sectors on the drive when you plug that drive into a computer and will be forced to scan disk and repair your drive for errors.

I have had at least 4 drives over the years that fried out after the WD TV Live player didn’t properly eject the drive and scan disk with repair fixes the errors.  So I wrote support at WD to let them know of this issue as well.

I really wish WD would test the firmware releases more before releasing… They still haven’t fixed the issue with the player reverting back to 720p after the unit powers down as well.

what player do you have? the SMP (this forum) never had a 1.06.15 FW.