Firmware 1.10.13 issues with QNAP NAS

Since upgrading to 1.10.13 one of my boxes loses my username and password after I power it down.  I have to clear cached username and passwords and type them in again for me to connect to my NAS again.  I have checked all cables  (plus layer 1 / 2 tests - all fine) .  Initially this didn’t happen but has started over the last few days.  As soon as I downgraded to version 1.09.10 problem went away.  My WD TV model is WDBGXT0000NBK.  My gut feeling is there’s an issue with the firmware and QNAP NAS (TS-412) maybe.  Rrelease notes mentiones a fix for NAS boxes.  So far my other two WD TV hubs haven’t had the issue but the box I have had the issue with is the oldest unit in the house (older hardware maybe longshot I know).  Not sure if anyone else has issues but if you do downgrade if you can, hassle I know if you need the features of the upgrade. WD Techie people can you help?? Doom!!

downgrade firmware:



Is your TS-412 running 3.7.1?

Mine is, and I’m not having this issue.

You might go turn on Samba Connection Logging, and see what the QNAP logs tell you… (Correct User but wrong password?  Or bad username?  If so, what username is it using? etc…)

I’m on version 3.7.1 Build 20120615 of Qnap firmware.  I upgraded the qnap before the WD and never had the issue before I upgraded the WD TV.  As I mentioned before I have two other units on the latest firmware and they are cool.  

My username and password was correct etc.  As soon as I downgraded the WD everything just worked.  I’ve restarted the WD several times and it connects everytime with no problem.

I’ve google and had no hits so maybe my unit is knackered or i’ll just wait for the next firmware version and see if it fixes it for  this unit??