Firmware 1.06.15 - Problem with playing videos

Hello all,

I update my WD TV Live by i-net to firmavare version 1.06.15. When I played *.mkv video, there I seen only blue screen and name of file after 30 minutes of playing. I must power off of the WD TV Live and then I continued in watch movie. Could you help me please.


HI there, if this issue came after an update then what if you roll back to the previous version and see if you still have the same problem?

I rollback to version 1.4 and I haven’t problem anymore, but now I haven’t new features :((

I have a problem with this firmware playing .mkv files beacuse they’re played with “shots”  … i mean the scenes are no more fluid. Have i to roll back the previous firmware??

I’ve solved, at the moment, rollingback to a previous firmware 1.04.31 which doesn’t have this problems … but is it right this way of solving the firmware upgrade problems ??