Firmware 1.05.04_V crushing and down scaling video on 16:9 TV using component and composite signal

My TV is a 16:9 Panasonic TX-32PD50D connected via component (576p 50Hz) and composite interface.

All my video material are DVDs in ISO image format read from a Synology NAS.

Since 1.05.04_V I have problems with the aspect ration. Although the TV is a 16:9 CRT, the 16:9 video material will be shown with

  1. black bars on top and bottom using component signal; all looks crushed/compressed in vertical (flat heads)
  2. black bars on the left and right using composite signal; here the correct vertical/horizontal ratio is used but the picture is simply to small.

current 2 workarounds:

1)  Before showing the video do settings -> Audio/Video -> toggle Apsect Ratio from Widescreen to Normal and back from Normal to Widescreen

  1. In the video list change to preview mode -> right key and click enter … but this works only for me since my DVD ISO do not have any menues which will not be shown with this playback start…

I don’t think that there is too much you can do about this except to keep using your workarounds. It might be a lot better to roll back the firmware to the previous version that was working for you.

Firmware Rollback

Just a question- Why aren’t you using 720p@50Hz on component?

I use a component connection at 720p@60Hz (in US of course) to a very low-end LCD TV (well very cheap actually) with no problems.


the Panasonic TX-32PD50D is one of the last CRTs by Panasonic and not capapble to display 720p 50Hz (720 lines).

My family satisfaction with the box fell down to zero with 1.05.04 … went back to 1.04.31.

Perhaps, netx time WDC should start a beta version first before rolling out such faulty firmware through the internet update process.

I use a CRT Tv and component connection too. The new firmware was the first ever to screw up the aspect ratio of 4:3 material. I’ve found a cure though: you need to reset the WDTV Live to factory defaults by sticking a pin into a little hole on the side. You’ll have to re-do all the settings again but the aspect ratio went back to normal.

I still use the 1.05.04-V but I am not sure I won’t roll back to some previous firmware. I don’t see any meaningful improvements and I’m getting a feeling that the player became buggier.

HI Ostr_ov,

thank you very much! This was an excellent hint!

In summary I can reproduce the follwoing behaviour

  1. Update - 1.05.04_V + factory reset within in the “system settings” … does not work, aspect ratio left wrong

  2. Update - 1.05.04_V + factory reset using the reset switch on the side for 1 second …works and solved the problem

So, what’s the difference between both ways to reset the box?

Anyway, family is satisfied, device may continue its job.

Txh again.

It was a overhasty decision to mark this thread solved.

But the problem with the wrong aspect ratio persists and reoccured once the WD tv live gets powered-off (unplugged from power). So, going back to the previous firmware seems to be the only solution. :angry:

07/04/2011: Found the way to switch back the thread into unsolved state.

i got this problem too.

switching back to Firmware Ver. 1.04.31_V

I am also using the composite out on both my sets ( I still have 2 36’ tubes ) and have the same problem with the units changing the ratio after every power cycle, also am using  the WD Live Media Player running Firmware 1.05.04_V downstairs and the WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player using Firmware 1.05.04_B upstairs, same problem with both. Reverted both back to 1.04.31_V & 1.04.31B and patiently awaiting the next release…:angry: (someone get that solved tag off)

Fixed with firmware 1.06.15 V.