Firmware 1.03.41 Any known Problems?

I am geting ready  to up date my system to the firmware version  1.03.41 and after the last update which gave me all sort of issues is there any known issues with this version that I need to be aware of. 

And even after spending a week on the phone with tech support my device still becomes unresponsive when trying to transfer large files. so i am hoping the update helps. The device was stable with older firmware versions. 

Thanks Matt 

So far there has been not many issues reported with the last firmware.

But you can feel free to double check in this forum as all issues are reported here.

I recomend you to backup all data on the device first

after doing a SYSTEM RESTORE with the new firmware 1.03.41 i lost acess to all the volume and data

WD is helping me BTW …  so backup backup…  and avoid this problem