Firmware 1.02.36 : I can not connect to dashboard when Volume1 are rebuilding with Raid1 mode

My EX4 is operating RAID1 mode with four 2TB.

it have been rebuilding the Volume1.

When I update EX4 with the lastest firmware 1.02.36,

Fortunately, It’s smb’s operation is normal. but I can not connect the dashboard and can not the clouding service. -_-;

If I reboot the EX4,  I can connect the dashboard before restarting rebuild operation, but dashboard’s message ‘in booting’.

I don’t know when the rebuild opreation will be finished. -_-;

 when rebuilding opeation is finished, other services will be return to normal???


Performance should go back to normal after the rebuild is done.

rebuilding had finished…

but, dashboard and cloud can not be connected still…  OTL…