Firmware 04.04.04-101 (9/20/2016) Discussion

thanks for the feedback.
i’ll prepare to upgrade the firmware soon, going to do some final backups and save config files before i do it.

Cheers thanks for the help, but we shouldn’t really need to dlo this sort of thing.

Updated and so far no issues. My MC runs 24/7 so sleeping problems are not an issue. And shares now show more or less properly broken down into pics, music etc. Were xxxGB of “other” for the past few f/w updates.

Seems WD hires script kiddies, still. Sorry WD.

No, we shouldn’t; see my opening comment in the FAQ…

I am still running firmware What is the problem with Twonky after the updating ?


Certain Changes made to Twonky, either through the Twonky administration page, or using SSH to tweak the Twonky settings are destroyed/erased when one upgrades the single bay My Cloud firmware.

See the unofficial Twonky FAQ at the following link which has a list of user suggested “best practices” with the Twonky media server.

After update to sierra and latest firmware TimeMachine does not backup. I can mount the shares via finder fine but seems likes TimeMachine has issues. Also tried several accounts with same results.

The network backup disk could not be accessed because there was a problem with the network username or password. You may need to re-select the backup disk and enter the correct username and password.

For clarification, It finds and adds TM share properly. The issue actually occurs when it tries to start the backup.


Still no official notification thread…

I’m sorry, cpt, I’m not understanding what you’re referring to.

Previous new firmware releases have been announced with sticky threads on the relevant forum.

Three of these obsolete notifications are still extant in the ‘latest threads’ list.

But there are no notifications for the newly-released v2 & v4 software, barring these discussion threads that Bennor was good enough to post.

Have you decided not to publish firmware upgrade notifications, or have you decided to leave it up to your customers to do it?

Aaahh, I’m sorry. This was a bad decision on our part. You’re right. I should always post an update to the threads to prevent confusion. I will from now on. Thanks for calling me on it.

Does the Scanning ever stop? I have DLNA and iTunes turned off and the home screen shows Scanning. Its why my drive never sleeps.

After upgrading to this firmware my ssh doesn’t work anymore. No matter how many times I’ve changed my password through the webgui but ssh simply refuses to let me in. I had set up ssh keys so I could login without password but now even with password I cannot login. I have also tried with root and admin accounts!

Is there a way to reset ssh configuration from the gui? I have tried to stop and start ssh service but that didn’t help as well.


After 9/20/2016 update my cloud access has stopped working. Is anyone experiencing the same issue??

When did you do the update? As of right now the WD My Cloud web service is having some issues. You can find more information at

I’m having also the same issues

Connection Status Connecting
Trying to establish a remote access connection…

This is very very very frustrating

My router is connected

even now wdmycloud status is connected

but cannot access from outside my local network…

from iPhone using app

and from the web:

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