Firmware 02.10.09: New standby bug? Blue light but no drive shutdown


the firmware upgrade applied cleanly and everything seems to work so far. However, with my 3TB device, I have a new bug:

The device tries to go to sleep, the green light becomes blue, but the drive does not shut down.

I can hear it whirring, I can access the device via SSH, even view files using ‘more < file.txt’, so the harddisk is definitely active. After a minute, the blue light becomes green again. The log shows

Nov 21 06:30:55 localhost kernel: imklog 3.18.6, log source = /proc/kmsg started.
Nov 21 06:30:55 localhost rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="3.18.6" x-pid="1120" x-info=""] restart
Nov 21 06:30:56 localhost logger: /usr/local/sbin/ waiting for system to become ready..
Nov 21 06:30:58 localhost logger: Starting orion services: miocrawlerd, mediacrawlerd, communicationmanagerd
Nov 21 06:44:10 localhost logger: Enter standby
Nov 21 06:45:13 localhost logger: exit standby after 63

where after “Enter standby”, the light is blue but the disk is still spinning.

I have now modified the “/etc/init.d/monitorio” script to start monitorio with the “debug” parameter as this seems to output some additional diagnostic parameters. I will update this post when I know more.

to stefan29,

As I have reported on several other threads, I have had almost the same problem since receiving a MBL 3TB in Sep 2011 with F/W 02.01.06-26. Sleep/StandBy didn’t work as received or with updates to F/W or 02.03.01-024. And now it’s still not working with F/W 02.10.09-124. The only difference between my problem and yours is that the hard drive in my MBL actually spins down for 1 second (as determined by listening to the internal drive) and then immediately spins up again. The activity LED changes from Green to Blue for a 60 to 61 second period and the 60 to 61 seconds transitions are reflected in the file “var/log/user.log”. I have never loaded any WD software to my PC, never transferred any files to the MBL and no Media, FTP or Remote is enabled nor is the drive being accessed by a browser. I basically now keep my MBL shut down (to minimize wear and tear on the hard drive) except to try each new firmware release to see if the problem has been resolved. 

Try listening to your hard drive just before the Blue LED comes on - perhaps your drive is actually behaving exactly like mine (spinning down for a very brief period).

In the thread “Re: New Release - Firmware Version 02.10.09-124 for My Book Live (11/17/11)” on 20 Nov 2011 Gingernut asked Myron if running the file “” in /usr/local/sbin/ would restore the MBL to factory unboxed status. Myron advised against running this script. Nevertheless I think that finding some way (perhaps a special ftp download from WDC) that restores the drive to a new “as built” configuration might help those of us with this elusive problem. Since WD doesn’t seem to have this problem with any of their in-house drives, I have offered to conduct trials with my MBL to try and track down the problem. I have not heard anything from them on this.

Hopefully one day this problem will get resolved.

Regards,  WilliamH

How and where did you modify “/etc/init.d/monitorio”?  Can you post your modified “/etc/init.d/monitorio” in this particular discussion thread?

Hi to All with the Sleep/Standby Problem,

I have resolved the problem that was preventing my MBL 3TB from entering Sleep/Standby. See my posting of today (Tues 06 Dec 2011) in the thread “Huge MBL Operating System File - Could It Be Preventing Sleep?”. Hope that the resolution of my problem will be of use to some members of the WD Community.

Regards, WilliamH