Firmawere Update 2.11.163 = Everything Lost

i have a MyCloud Ex2 and everything was working fine.
Last night the system automactly update the firmware to last version 2.11.163, and the next morning… surprise !!! i can’t access my data.
I can access via web to the control panel aplication, but capacity is a 0MB (0%), and I can’t access to the windows explorer. I see the drive but I can’t access.
I supose (and hope) that the Raid Expansion that I had configured is now unmounted, and all the data are still inside the HDD’s (I hope).
Anyway if I try to mount again the HDD’s the system tell me I’ll lost everything.

I’m planning to open the WD Ex2 and take out the HDD’s and install them to another single USG external cage to try to rescue the data, but I would like a easyest and faster solution. Any ideas?

At the other hand this is an example of a VERY POOR quality for WD.
I had open a support case and I’m still waiting…

I would suggest, that you take eather 4 second reset or 40 second reset, in order to see if the latest version isn’t as corrupt as it was when you installed it.
I had the same issue.
I had to do a 40 second reset, then i took out the content i had, though the explorer, and then i did a full factory reset from the dashboard (from phone)
And that fixed the dashboard issue. (if you have dashboard issue aswell as disk issue)


By any chance you have Volume Encryption Enabled but not configured to Auto Mount?
Please login to the My Cloud dashboard and verify.

Thanks, I’ll try this option

Did u checked. Does upgrading firmware will corrupt the current system settings.

Why is this so complicated on every hardware that current settings are not properly working 90% of the time leaving end user to vein with device malfunction.

I have exactly the same problem right now!!!

How did you solve it???

Anyone can help me?? I can’t see my data at all !!

Still can’t find a way to restore 3TB of data. MyCloud settings, all my setups are like from factory and it shows I have 0 TB of data…