Firm ware upgrade for WDTV?

i have version 1.01.70 on my unit, i have downloaded 1.03 and placed on a new usb drive with FAT32 formatting. The unit will not detect the new firmware to give me the option to upgrade.

Can anyone give me any help as i have been through the guide several times and tried several usb drives to no postive conclusion.


You must make sure that the firmware is on the root directory of the Memory stick

Here are the proper instructions in this link,299/session/L3RpbWUvMTMwMTUxNTI3NC9zaWQvRG94M2RmcWs%3D

Are you sure you have a Gen1 WDTV HD and not a Gen2?

The 1.03.01 firmware for a Gen1 (WDAVN00 & WDAVP00) won’t install on a Gen2.

If you have a Gen2 (WDBABF0000NBK & WDBABG000NBK) then 1.01.77 is the newest firmware available.

thanks it is a gen 2, i checked the codes with those on the sticker on the side.

it just sometimes the Mkv files stutter instead of rolling smoothly, so i thought i’d see if there were any updates