Firewire? Win7?

Hey I have been using usb just fine but i tred to switch to firewire and no luck. I try to install but in the device manager it just sayd " texas instruments blah blah 1394" etc, never changes, I tried to update the drivers but it tells me i have the best drivers already, even when i point to them. I have a my book home and am running 7. Its not the way i formatted it is it? I am sick of usb speeds. But it doesnt show up at all when i plug it in via firewire. Not in the storage manager or in explorer,. Any suggestions? Could it be off in the bios?

I had similar issues with firewire under Windows 7, using the firewire port on my Audigy 2 sound card.  Firewire works fine in WinXP SP3.  Eventually I  bought an inexpensive PCI-e eSATA card and cable and switched to eSATA.  eSATA had its own issues until I updated the drive’s firmware. I wonder if the drive’s problems with firewire under Windows 7 are also firmware related. Have you tried updating the drive’s firmware? Just because the drive’s brand new (I purchased mine on 11/27/09) doesn’t mean it has current, or even near current, firmware.