Firewire to Thunderbolt


I have a My Book Studio T1 drive which I used on my old Mac Book Pro (Firewire 800 ports). I have upgraded to a HP Zbook 15 (Window 7 64bit) which has no Firewire ports, but a Thunderbolt port instead.

I’ve attached the drive using a Thunderblot to Firewire adapter and am having trouble getting it to work. First I tested the USB 2 port and that works fine. When using the Thunderbolt/Firewire ports the drive is not recognized and in the ‘Devices and Printers’ folder the drive is listed a a Unspecified Base System Device that requires a diver.

However I have yet to find a driver on the WD support page that is of any help.

Is there a solution to my problem or is this setup on possible?




I have never tried this since this is not supported. But let’s see what other users can share about this.