FireWire My Passport Studio Error Message in WDDrive Utilities

I have a FireWire connected My Passport Studio that show this error since I up dated to El Capitan X.11.3

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Yet I use the Drive for Time Machine Back up. And has never used as a Raid device.

I do have also a My Cloud Western Digital NAS Drive. Which I also have some issues with It its attached to Comcast Wifi Modem and have to unplug periodically to reset.

I do open the application asked and lo and Hold it doesn’t even have an adjustment for Raid Drive. I am tempted to just uninstall the WD Drive Utility . I notice the software has had an update in several years. Such software should be updated with every major system change.

WD Drive Utilities does not appear to be working properly in your system. The application provides sleep timer settings and diagnostic utilities for the device your have, but it is not mandatory for disk usage. If you like what the app features I’d recommend uninstalling the app and installing the application from WD’s Site.