Firewall configuration (pr4100)

Hi, I am trying to find any kind of professional doc concerning the firewall configuration the PR4100 needs. I am unable to find anything besides that port forwarding on the NAS should be switched on. The firmware download is the only thing that works concerning Internet connection. The cloud services state that there is no connection. On the firewall I can find a lot of UPD requests sent out by the NAS with abitrary source ports, the destination IP it not listed with nslookups of the sites stated as being needed (wd2go, mycloud, wdc). Since the PR stand for PRO I am really annoyed that there is no professional documentation on this since my use-case to run the RP4100 behind a professional firewall should not be special.

Does anybody know a documentation on the traffic configs required?

Hi henningm,

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This may help.